Floor Refinishing




Introduction: The floor of the basement was kind of gross. The brick red was ok, but it was original to the house and there were some slight cracks so I decided to epoxy the floor. A bit pricy, but well worth it! It cut down on dust, it is easy to clean, and it looks great!

The Start: You can see from the pictures that the floor was worn and not really pretty. So first I had to gut the basement. (I MEAN GUT!) There could not be anything in the basement at all. I decided to go around the furnace and water heater because I did not feel like pulling them.

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Floor Preparation: A good cleaning can go a LONG way to making your box seem new again and the same is true for your floor. There are many ways to clean concrete so you can epoxy it. The way I did it was to use a bead blaster (a machine that shoots little steel balls like a sand blasting machine). Noise and dust are the words of the day. This work is the worst! But the results are great! You end up with a clean floor with a texture that the epoxy can really get a bite on.

Priming: All of the small cracks are filled in with mixture called “feather coat”. I white goop that you trowel on and make sure all the cracks are filled in. It can also be used to fix minor imperfections and dips in the floor. After the patching is done a primer coat is put down. The final coat needed to be applied over the primer coat in under 24 or 48 hours, I can’t remember, but I did what the directions told me to do (and that is amazing!)

Epoxy: The climax, the floor gets painted! But it is somewhat anticlimactic because as soon as I put the arcades back in what more is there to show you. Well, there is one nice finished picture and a shot of some people playing on some of the games. So if you are ever looking through the pictures on this site and notice the floor color is changing, now you know why!

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